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Georgian Integrated Systems

Innovative ideas...

...For advanced technology solutions

GiS is a turn-key solutions provider in AV, IT, IPTV, Telecom, Security systems, Broadcasting and network infrastructure representing world leading brands.

Being the leader in systems integration, our customers list is not limited with implemented projects at goverment enteties, education institutions, hospitality, telco providers, banks and in many other international or commercial organizations.

We differentiate ourselves with full solution provision, concept creation, brand representation and high quality service. Given, we are “pioneers” in innovative and modern technology offering, for Georgian market GiS already became a brand identity in HiTech.

Our newest developments are in AI business, through in-house creation of software platforms by providing new kind of customer experience in digital world. On top, we add new functionalities in to the robotic platforms for enhaching customer journey.

GiS geographical coverage is spread throughout Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East regions.