Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

GIS has successfully fulfilled project Ministry Foreign Affairs of Georgia. Which embraced design, delivery and integration of Sound and conference systems. Meeting room audio systems are just as important as the video side of presentation, as poor sound technology will doom any attempts to collaborate. But a lot has to go into putting this technology together, as every space works differently on an acoustic level. Every solution is made up of several components, each of them designated for a particular space, purpose and seating arrangement. GIS has a well-established experience in this field, so our team managed to create an appropriate environment for the perfect flow of the meetings held in The Ministry, with a combination of Bose Pro Installed sound and DIS-Shure Audio systems. In the world of technology, the above-mentioned brands hold leading positions. GIS managed to maximize the functioning of the room and smooth communication between the facilitator and participants with proper management of superior sound equipment and trustworthy audio technology.

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