Caucasus Online

GIS successfully cooperated with Caucasus Online, which is the leading telecommunications company in the region. Caucasus Online was formed in 2006 by the merger of major Georgian ISPs: Caucasus Network, Georgia Online, SaNet and Telenet. Since 2008 Caucasus Online has been the sole owner of a 1,200km submarine fiber-optic cable, through which it transits Internet traffic from Europe to south Caucasus and Caspian Region. The FOC was laid on the bottom of the Black Sea to provide a direct, high-quality fiber-optic Internet connection from Europe. The collaboration between GIS and Caucasus Online included the delivery and integration of an IPTV broadcasting system. For the perfect fit for digital turnaround processing, full transport stream descrambling and decoding applications, The ProView 7000 is the right choice. Harnessing a flexible and modular design, the ProView 7000 cost-effectively addresses the vast spectrum of content reception applications, from single-channel decoding to descrambling and remultiplexing of multiple transport streams. With an advanced and dense multi-channel descrambler, the ProView 7000 simplifies the deployment of an all-IP headend solution, and powers the launch of addedvalue services such as HD.

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