Makhata Monastery Complex

Another project that GiS team proud is the Iveria All-Holy Mother of Jesus Icon Church - famous Georgian-Orthodox cathedral in the eastern part of Tbilisi, near Vazisubani, on the slope of Makhata Mountain. The temple is part of a monastery complex founded in 2002. The construction of the first church of the monastery, named after Ioane, Ekvtime and Giorgi Mtatsmindeli, was completed in 2006. In 2010, the Iveria Foundation was established to build the cathedral. Its construction began on April 17, 2012 with a groundbreaking ceremony. The construction of the temple was completed in 2015. GiS was entitled to design, deliver and integrate audio and conference systems for the temple. Consistently our team tried to provide the best solutions for this very special facility, part of which was the precise selection and installation of products. Bose Pro Installed - “Worship and multiplication are your mission. Audio and innovation are ours.” This quote illustrates the fact that Pro audio is about building incredible experiences for any type of customers’ needs. Every week, in churches around the world, those two missions come together to support spoken words and worship with audio consistency, power, and clarity. When it comes to the speech or active stage performance, Sennheiser conference offers the ideal audio solution that makes sure every word will reach the audience or the interlocutor reliably and crystal clear.

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